The Landscape construction process is where Aesthetics, practicality and understanding of the site must work seamlessly together.

If your contractor has been part of the planning and design process you are now on the right track for a dream landscape to fit your outdoor lifestyle.

Hardscaping and Softscaping

There are two main classifications of landscaping, Hardscaping and Softscaping. Hardscaping refers to the base layer preparation, retaining walls, boulders and other heavy materials that create the structure.

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This is the messy part, where massive amounts of material are hauled in and out of the project site, while they are transformed into usable components.

A cost vs. benefit should also be considered for each space.

Electrical lines, gas, water and drainage tubes are all part of this process.

Softscaping is the addition of grass, plants, shrubs and trees. This step is where the project starts to resemble a beautiful landscape with the emergence of style elements and aesthetic details.

Plantings add the finishing touch with colours and dynamic change throughout the year.


The average landscape weighs between 250,000-325,000 lbs and required heavy machinery, trucking and a crew of people to accomplish the job.

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It includes a huge variety of components that need to be removed, purchased, hauled, and combined at the right time.

It is important to have an experienced contractor like Create Escape oversee this process.

A contractor that is versed in all aspects of design & construction will provide a level of assurance for you budget, completion time and quality.

Care of Your New Landscape

When the project is complete and ready for your enjoyment, care must be taken to help with a healthy return on your investment.

Sod, plantings and trees are the most critical components to keep an eye on and ensure they are receiving the correct amount of water.

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Other items like drain tubes and downspouts must be used as they were intended and kept clean.

Remember to have your irrigation system winterized as the season comes to an end.