Nothing could be worse than pulling up a portion of a new landscape when it could have been avoided with some simple changes.

A professional landscaping company like Create Escape will guide you through the process.

Landscaping CPR

Covenants - Be aware of neighborhood covenants, permit requirements and restrictions.

Constructing items that fail to comply with developer color schemes and size limitations or items simply not allowed in your area (certain fire pits) is an expensive mistake.

Backyard Landscape ideas

Some covanents will specify fencing materials, design elements and even how many plants and trees are required or even allowd in your area.

Have an old tree close to a front or back property line?

It might not be yours!

The City of Calgary owns many of the old trees, they are protected and can cost you 3-5K to replace.

Have a new home? The City of Calgary requires at least two 50 caliper trees.
Tree requirements for new homes

Property Locates - Be aware of additional services that may be on or around your property or acreage that AB 1 call may not mark in their locate service
(ie): SHAW CABLE, TELUS or Secondary power or gas lines.

Minimum cost to fix a broken communication line is $500.00. A gas or electrical line fix can start at $3500.00 and up.

Real Property Reports - planning a great space requires accurate dimensions, precise boundary designations, and knowledge of ground conditions.

A Real Property Report(RPR) can show things like Overland Drainage right of ways, Utility coridors and easements.

The City of Calgary has updated their flood zone and flood fringe maps so having an up to date report may be benificial.

Building somthing in these areas almost always leads to removing it at your expence.

Location Location!

Consider the view of your landscape design from all angles both outside and inside of the home.

Creating an Escape requires a balance of harmony between structures and tree/shrub placement.

A small tree or bush will grow quickly and can change the view or feel of an area within a few years.

After incuring a cost to put it in, avoid the costly pitfall of paying to pull it out.

Into the Future

Not planning for the future will set you up for disappointment and costly re-do’s.

Backyard Landscape ideas

If you are staging your dream landscape then installing gas lines, lighting and irrigation lines must be considered first.

Have you thought about where you are going to put all of that snow in the winter? Salt from vehicles and sidewalks slowly kill plants and trees.

Avoid this costly pitfall and ensure you have room to pile snow and allow for runoff that leads away from plants and trees.

Be a good Neighbor

Inform your neighbors that you will be constructing. Discuss parking, shared fencing and access points.

An upset neigbour may not cost you anything financially but may lead to a disappointing relationship and less enjoyment in your yard.


Investigate your material options and make decisions prior to construction.

Backyard Landscape ideas

Purchase a few samples to decide on color & texture.

This will decrease the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed and making rash decisions. Landscaping material is heavy and costly to transport.

Sending back a load of stone because of colour can be a costly mistake.

I need it all

It’s ok to want it all. Make a wish list and stage construction with your budget. A dream landscape is often staged over a few seasons to balance want with need and annual budgets.

Doing it all at once has it's benifits but can leave you with limited funds and the pitfall of buyers remorce

A well planned landscape design can be constructed in layers until perfection is balanced with budget.

Weekend Warrior

Tackling a project yourself can be very rewarding. Most weekend warriors however, do not readily understand the challenges of landscape construction.

Backyard Landscape ideas

Top items to be considered; various ground conditions, locates, construction permits, regulations, inspections and time to completion is often lengthy for DIY’s vs a skilled crew.

Top items that create a realy big pitfall; Not using Personal Protective Equiptment. No WCB coverage if you are hurt. Not having the proper equiptment to move thousands of pounds of material.