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We build all kinds of Decks - Treated Lumber, Hardwood & Composite Decking

six things We Do when you build Decks with us

We Plan With You

We meet you at your property, take measurements & listen to your ideas.

Create A Digital Layout

Our team comes up with a design that will match how you use the deck space.

Permits & Drawings

We can complete the site, plan, elevation drawings and permits. (*Most decks)

Remove Your Old Deck

Our consturction crew will remove your old deck and perpair for construction

Build A Beautiful New Deck

Your new deck will come to life, as we carefully follow your design.

Provide Care & Warranty

Long term care, cleaning and warrenty information is provided.

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Most new decks are built using a combination of Wood and Composite materials. Although Composite decking has a larger initial cost, it does make sense when you are looking at the maintenance and deck costs over the lifespan of the deck. 


We recommend composite for Calgary decks if you are going to own your deck for more than 7 years. Composite offers reduced maintenance costs, higher resale or appeal value and longer total lifespan. 


(Note: * Not all composite materials are created equal. As one of the best deck companies in Calgary we can help you select the perfect materials for your project.)


Composite Decks

Composite deck products have become a great way to build a maintenance free deck.

With advancements in colour stabilization and wood grain texturing this decking has the appearance of real wood without the work to keep it looking new.

There are a variety of manufacturers and not all composite materials will perform the same.

Our Top Composite Picks:

Both come with a manufacturer 25 year limited warranty.

Calgary Decks with Fiberon Composite materials
Calgary Decks - Cedar

Red Wood Cedar Decks

Cedar has a comparable life span to treated lumber.

Mother nature has provided this wood with a natural acid that protects it like the man-made ACQ solution.


This wood deck is meant to have a clear or semi transparent stain or oil applied to it so that the natural grain of the wood is visible.


ACQ Treated Decking

Treated spruce has a long life span and requires little maintenance.

It is a spruce wood that has been treated with a copper solution called ACQ.


Thoroughly tested, ACQ can be used in any of our decking designs that require treated lumber, even in sensitive areas such as wetlands and playgrounds.


Deck Planter
Calgary Decks - Hardwood

Malaysian Hardwood Decks

Hardwoods come in Red Maranti, Red Balau, Yellow Balau and Ipe have an extended life span.


The Malaysian hardwoods have been used for years on bridges, wharves, flooring, heavy-duty furniture and decking applications.


With extreme durability and fire resistance this hardwood truly outperforms any domestic wood.


*Note: Calgary Landscaping only purchases hardwoods for our Calgary Decks, that are sourced from countries that are leaders in ecological, sustained forestry practices.


Your Deck is an Extension of Your Living Space

A backyard landscape design is not complete without the perfect deck, practical as well as aesthetic. You can trust the professional Calgary deck builders at Calgary Landscaping to construct a deck that is as unique and personal as you’d like. If you plan to spend time outside enjoying your newly landscaped yard, your deck is the perfect place to do so. 


Expand your living space and spend some time relaxing, reading, and soaking up the sun during the summer months. It’s also the perfect place to sit and watch the kids and keep an eye on dinner at the same time!


Cedar Deck with Skirting

Calgary decks are versatile and multifunctional; you may choose to complete your custom deck with a jetted hot tub or jazz it up with an outdoor fireplace, barbeque and some new outdoor patio furniture. Finish off the look with professionally installed outdoor lighting and blur the line between indoors and outdoors. 


Your deck is the perfect place for entertaining whether you’re cooking, eating, or socializing. With a deck that is uniquely designed to meet your vision, Calgary decks can ensure the optimal dedication of space and a seamless blend with your landscaping.


We are experts deck builders in Calgary, as well as landscaping, landscape design, and landscape construction


Superior deck building is one more way we serve our clients, aiming for ultimate customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for Calgary Decks that are clean and require minimal maintenance, we can recommend the best materials. We will build a deck that satisfies your desires for both practicality and appearance.

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Drawings, Permits and a deck inspection are required for decks over 600mm (2′). Railings are also required at this height and must not be easy to climb.

Deck resurfacing may be permitted, but any changes to the shape or structure will require a new permit for the work.

This applies to The City of Calgary, M.D. of Rocky View, M.D. of Foothills and the Town of Okotoks.

As a full service design and construction company we can generate all drawings and help obtain permits to complete this process.

Depending on your location By-Laws will vary. The best practice is to contact your municipality for the most up to date information.

For general planning your deck should be at least 20ft from the back of the property line and 4ft from the side property line. The City of Calgary offers additional information. 

Composite Decking is a great option but not all manufactures intended their products to be used in a cold climate or for permitting requirements.

A certified composite material must have a CCMC certification for permits.

(Contact Us with any questions & we will Book A Free Site Visit to go over the details.)

TIP: It is a nice finishing touch to request that your composite deck be picture framed to hide any cut edges. This does require a small amount of material and some labor, but improves the look of all composite decks.

Based on City of Calgary By-Laws

Yes, Without permits if it is:

  1. Smaller than 107 Sqft
  2. Not attached to your house
  3. Not within 3 ft of your house or garage. (Including cantilevers or bay windows)
  4. Not within 2 feet of your side property lines

Yes, With A Permit if it is:

  1. Larger than 107 Sqft and the deck is lower than 2ft off of the ground
  2. Attached to your house or garage
  3. A front yard Deck / Pergola
  4. In compliance with location & design rules (Setback & Fire Rating)

No, It is not allowd acording to the By-Law if it is: 

  1. Larger than 107 Sqft and the deck is higher than 2ft off of the ground

Each municipality will have the most up to date By-Law & Building information. It is recomended you contact them during the design process. 

A Proposed land use bylaw relaxation for a pergola may be able to be obtained. (579.00 + Drawing fees)

A zero lot line is exactly what is sounds like. You do not need any setback distance for your deck from this lot line. 

Make sure your Calgary Deck is not built in over a MARW. (Maintenance Access Right-of-way.)

We follow the Alberta Building Code, By-laws, Safety Codes & Occupational Health and Safety rules.

We have high quality craftsmanship and take pride in the products we provide for you.

When we build your deck it gives you the peace-of-mind that it is built correctly with a high standard of care.

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