Installing Irrigation

Planning, design and installation of a residential irrigation system  


The goal of an irrigation system is to achieve uniform coverage with the least amount of water as necessary. 

A practice of deep watering, less often, creates better grass and plant roots. This facilitates healthy plant growth and a reduction in soil erosion. 

It also follows environmentally responsible water use standards.

Initial Planning

The initial design of your irrigation system starts by planning a route to get water from the mechanical room to and outside location. First, is not sufficient to run irrigation systems from an existing outside tap. The pipe diameter is too small for the amount of water required. 

Secondly, it would not allow for a cross connection valve to be installed for safety. This properly protects your water supply from outside contamination. In addition, two shut off valves for maintenance and winterization are also connected.

Watering Design

Like any landscaping project the design phase is a critical part of the process. This shows the placement of irrigation lines, spray heads, drip irrigation and your Wi-fi controller. 

A well planned design reduces cost and minimizes water usage. It allows for future expansion that is required for maintaining your lawn, plants and trees. 

Create Escape designs irrigation systems that save up to 30% of your water. We also use drip irrigation that cuts down on evaporation. This sends water directly to the roots of plants and trees.

Water Consumption

Correct operation of your irrigation system develops with your landscape. The initial amount of water a new plant needs is far more than an established one. (ie. Watering New Sod, Shrubs & Trees)

As your plants grow and trees mature small adjustments are made in your watering schedule. A Wi-Fi controller helps you easily adjust for seasonal changes that effect your landscape.

Each year a start up inspection of the spray heads and the control valves is required. It is a great way to ensure the longevity of your irrigation system and the area it cares for.

A yearly inspection identifies spray heads that were damaged over the winter. This will save water costs and ensure your system functions properly.

An inspection can be done on your own or by the maintenance company you have selected. It is usually the same irrigation company that blows out the lines each year. 

Tips: There is a reason why your irrigation maintenance company has a giant compressor on a trailer. Small home compressors may have the pressure, but don’t sustain the volume to blow out your system. 

WARNING: Blowing out your irrigation system at a pressure higher than 50 PSI is not recomnded. It will heat up the lines from air friction, causing your pipes and fittings to fail. It will also void your warranty.

Interior Plumbing

Irrigation Backflow Valve

Your interior plumbing must be set up for your irrigation system and is installed by a licensed plumber. 

The City of Calgary requires a permit for the installation of a cross connection device that is provided by the plumber. Normal cost for the plumbing installation is usually between 750.00 to 850.00, depending on your home’s layout. 

The City of Calgary also requires yearly testing of the Cross Connection device. The onus is left to the home owner to schedual a time. (Usually in the spring before start-up)

Exterior Plumbing

Your exterior plumbing allows us to connect your new irrigation system to your homes water supply. In addition, it also provides an easy way to blow out the system for winterization.

Not all plumbers install irrigation rough-in the same way. We have put together a short list of things we would like to see. This will minimize your costs for maintenance and winterization.  

Exterior Hose Bib

Plumbers Installation

  1. Interior bleeder valve (Pipe to drain if possible.)
  2. Interior Backflow Valve and Permit as required.
  3. Exterior Hose bib in 3/4″ Copper (No Pex outside of house)
  4. Standard Shut off valve 3/4″
  5. 3/4″ FPT fitting located 6″ above grade

Please contact us if you have any questions or design concerns.