Landscape Construction

This is the stage when we physically start adding features to your property.

Our experienced team begins to move through the landscaping process. We start with site clearing, then move on to hard-scaping and soft-scaping.

Calgary Landscaping Retaining Wall Construction

Landscape Construction

The Landscape construction process is where Aesthetics, Practicality and understanding of the site must work seamlessly together. If your contractor has been part of the planning and design process you are now on the right track for a dream landscape to fit your outdoor lifestyle. 

There are two main classifications of landscaping, Hardscaping and Softscaping.


Hardscaping refers to the base layer preparation, retaining walls, boulders and other heavy materials that create the structure. 

This is the messy part, where massive amounts of material are hauled in and out of the project site, while they are transformed into usable components. Electrical lines, gas, water and drainage tubes are all part of this process.


Softscaping is the addition of grass, plants, shrubs and trees. This step is where the project starts to resemble a beautiful landscape with the emergence of style elements and aesthetic details. Plantings add the finishing touch with colours and dynamic change throughout the year.


The average landscape installation requires moving 250,000-325,000 lbs of material and required heavy machinery, trucking and a crew of people to accomplish the job. It includes a huge variety of components that need to be removed, purchased, hauled, and combined at the right time.

It is important to have an experienced contractor like Calgary Landscaping oversee this process. A contractor that is versed in all aspects of design and construction will provide a level of assurance for you budget, completion time and quality. 

We specialize in project management for our crew that goes hand in hand with education, quality products and ethical construction practices that create a lasting landscape.

Care of Your New Landscape

When the project is complete and ready for your enjoyment, care must be taken to help with a healthy return on your investment. Sod, plantings and trees are the most critical components to keep an eye on and ensure they are receiving the correct amount of water. 

Other items like drain tubes and downspouts must be used as they were intended and kept clean. Remember to have your irrigation system winterized as the season comes to an end.

3 Days Prior – Turn off all irrigation and allow the ground to dry out. Some hand watering for specific plants or trees may be required during this time.
– It is also a good time to notify neighbours that extra dust, vehicles & machinery will be in the area.
– Remove all furniture, BBQ’s, animal waste or garbage from the project site.

1 Day prior – Arrange to park vehicles in an alternate location for the duration of the project.
Our landscaping trucks and trailers measure 50Ft. For most projects 2 units are always on site, along with machinery and attachments.

You may not have access to your driveway or garage during construction. Most projects involve a large volume of material with thousands of pounds transported in and out of the project site. Materials may/will need an area to be stored other than on city streets.

Arrival – Close all windows and doors due to dust and debris. You may also wish to inform your security service about alarm sensors that could be set off by vibration or loud noise.

Calgary Landscaping puts safety foremost on any project site.
*** No one other than our employees are permitted in the work area. ***Safety hazards that were not present before may be hard to identify such as chemicals, flying debris, sudden noise or airborne particles.
Materials, tools or equipment on the site could potentially move, shift or start without warning. Be aware of the dangers and do not attempt to move, operate or climb on any of the items.
Children love to watch construction projects but usually do not understand the dangers that are present. They must be educated and reminded of the dangers. As per Occupational Health and Safety guidelines children will not be permitted in the work area at any time.
Other trades must have their own safety program, insurance and WCB in place and take on the role and responsibility of “Prime Contractor” if they require access to the site during the project.
Calgary Landscaping has a no alcohol or drug policy for project sites and our employees.

On new properties or neglected areas weeds must be removed or sprayed with a non selective herbicide to minimise the chance of spreading into the new landscape. Excavation of material will eliminate some surface material, but it is good practice to minimize weeds prior to our arrival if possible.

If you have any questions about getting rid of your weeds plase call us for spacific information.