Landscape Design

Artfully balance a combination of materials,  functionality and nature.

We have combined the details of artistic hand drawings with the accuracy of digital mapping technology for the perfect landscape design.


Our Landscape designs detail the conceptual ideas from the planning process and make it easy to visualize your space for construction.


Design Principles

Landscape Design can be a fun process and with the right guidance will ensure a beautiful and functional property.


Usable Spaces

Knowing the essential items to include and what to avoid can be a difficult task.

Our strategy is to Plan, Design and Construct usable spaces. This means finding a proportionate match between nature and culture or more simply put, items used and how we use them.

A space should firstly be filled with function, to accommodate movement and daily tasks. The aesthetics including material choice, colour and shape can then be added to provide the feel of the area. Lastly a cost vs. benefit should be considered for each space.

Ask yourself, will this area draw people out to use it for the amount of my budget I am allocating to this item. There are many types of items that can be included or substituted to ensure a perfectly designed space for your lifestyle.

View some of the options that are available in our photo gallery for design ideas.

Room to grow

Trees, plants, family, friends and your landscape will change over time. A good design will take this into account, but a truly great design will go further to include the small things to help with these changes.


Our easy Landscape Design formula includes future growth by considering alternate use spaces with minimal transformation such as future zones of irrigation, outdoor lighting or kids sand pit to teenagers fire pit.


The more lifestyle use that can be obtained from a space with minimal cost will produce a more valuable and useful space.


Consider the value others may find in these multi use spaces should you decide to move to a new property. Enjoyment of the space and a great return on investment is a winning combination for any property.


Digital Designs Requirments

All of our work is hand drawn using new graphic design technology.​ This produces an artfully sculpted landscape, while maintaining accurately sized spaces and features.


We Require:

Calgary Landscaping Design Drawing of a medium size lot with sod, surrounded by garden beds and trees.
Large Calgary Landscaping Drawing with a complex irrigation layout, large paver stone patio and putting green

Finished Landscape Drawings

You will Receive:


* Provided with landscape construction services only.

Enjoy the ease of having one contractor bring your vision to life.

Guiding Architectural Principles

After gathering our main Landscaping ideas 3 core architectural principles help us combine all of the elements in a meaningful way.

Landscape Form

The form of plants and objects need to be united, with small accents that create interest.


The shape, height and shadows that are created can be used to soften the feel. 


Vertical Rundle Slate Garden feature mounded with planting mix and creeping ground cover.
Natural Swimming Pools and Regeneration area with a composite deck next to Limestone gravel and a Lexington Tile paver stone patio.

Design Lines

Line choices must be considered and can change the cultural feel of the project. One person may like clean straight lines and another gently flowing lines. Both people if asked will give you reasons why they think one is better. 


From a construction perspective there is no real benefit to either preference, but it can be extremely important to individual perception of beauty and satisfaction in the final product.



Texture of material and plantings are a lot like the preference of design lines and is personal and subjective. It is the third dimension that compliments or adds contrast between items. A common theme should be developed throughout the living space with subtle unique changes.



A quick and easy landscape design change can be colour. Your Landscape elements should blend with your house and continue the interior design theme. Try to keep consistency with hardscape materials such as pavers and composite decking. Have fun while making a statement with colorful trees and plantings.



An exceptional Landscape Design needs to be accurate to reflect the end product and costs associated with construction. Landscape cost is based directly on the materials used and the effort required to install them.


40mm Rundle Rock Gravel with purple Liatris and Rundle Boulders with Karl forester Grass

"We just wanted to thank you for your honesty & professionalism in advising us"




No, Due to the complexity of projects we do not offer drawings unless they are part of a construction project we will be building for you.


We like to ensure continuity from planning through to construction, the same person from your welcome meting will be the one designing and drawing your plan. They will also be available on site at your property during landscape construction and after the project is complete to answer any questions you may have.


You will receive a colour drawing that is based on measurements from your R.P.R. and our initial meeting. Drawing will have general information and photos of features that will be similar to your project. A complete description of items are included in our detailed and transparent cost estimate.  


Drawings can take 2 – 3 weeks, depending on complexity and the project load of the designer. We always aim for a quick turn-around, while ensuring you receive a high quality, accurate design. 


A drawing allows all of the people involved in the project a way to visualize the final outcome. Landscape construction involves heavy materials that can be costly  and time consuming to move. A well designed plan will ensure project costs are kept low and efficient construction times are met. 


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