Landscape Planning

professional landscape planning services

Landscape planning starts with a welcome meeting. We help explore design possibilities, provide insight into the building process and discuss comprehensive feedback for your property.


Was it built to thrive, not just survive?

Landscape Planning is the first step in creating a beautiful landscape for your outdoor lifestyle. It requires some essential ideas and creative thought to ensure it brings you a good return on your investment during its life cycle.

Creating Functional Space

A functional space is the first and most important factor as it will influence the final feel of all areas of the property and contribute to ease of movement during daily activities as well as special events. 

A good starting point is to make a quick list of weekly uses that will need to be considered like bringing in groceries,  playing catch with the kids or cooking dinner on the barbeque. 

A functional space is not only using a specific area for its intention but also using all of the available space to incorporate elements of your lifestyle.

Many times Calgary Landscaping’s project planners encounter properties that have the entire outdoor living space crammed into a small deck or patio and the rest of the property is virtually unused.

Landscape Planning creates elements that draw people out to use all areas on the property and create interest in using the space. 

Ideas for comfort can then be considered as a more refined approach to the individual areas are considered.

Landscape Aesthetics

Planning for Landscape aesthetics is next and starts with gathering some inspiration from books, magazines or  Pintrest photos to share with our project designer.

It will allow for us to see the style and excitement you find from items you will incorporate into the Landscape design or areas you intend to use for specific lifestyle activities.

This is where your house design, personal style and Curb Appeal come together to form the beauty of your landscape.  Be unique but remember to blend in with the neighbourhood.

Our team will help you create consistency, design flow and material selection to complement the style of landscape you are developing.

Planning for Sustainability

A landscape is planned so that it will evolve with our lifestyle. Over the years we use a property our needs change, different hobbies are found and new activities come of interest.

A fit pit area is replaced with a new putting green or the kids trampoline becomes an eloquent patio for entertaining guests.

Landscape planning takes these factor into account by considering multi use scenarios that grow with our needs.

Considering this as a forecasted investment it can save huge amounts of money in re-development costs. Trees and plant life also create value and add enjoyment. 

Landscape Planning can account for these elements and changes with sustainable components like irrigation, outdoor lighting and ease of ownership.

A well planned area can have minimal maintenance if the proper material and planting selection are made.   

You don’t have to  plan the perfect living space alone.

As a long term commitment we are here to guide you through the process and provide you with the proper and professional guidance as your lifestyle and property changes. 

Having a solid plan in place is necessary to continue in the right direction with Landscape Design.   

Our Process

We make things easy with a clear step-by-step approach.

1. Welcome Meeting​

Let’s get to know each other!
During this initial meeting, we will discuss the needs and possibilities of your property.
We invite you to share your landscaping ideas with us as we strive to align our vision with yours.

2. Design Concept

Put our creative brains to the test. We’ll use notes from the welcome meeting to create a landscape drawing. This will highlight all of the major components that are included in the project. Based on this drawing and your site measurements, we’ll present a detailed project estimate.

3. Revisions ​

It’s a collaborative effort.
Once you’ve had a chance to review the concept drawing, you’ll have the opportunity to revise and make changes as necessary.
A new estimate will be presented, the contract is signed and a window for construction is chosen

4. Construction

The magic comes to life!
Our crew will arrive on the scheduled start-date to begin.  First, we perform a comprehensive safety assessment and then get right to work with demolition and excavation. Before you know it, your design will be a bona fide reality! 

5. Post-Construction

After a thorough site cleanup, removing all debris and heavy equipment from the area it’s time to show off!
We offer valuable advice and do a walk-through with you. We also relay information on care and maintenance of your new landscaping masterpiece.

6. Warranty & Care

Our exceptional customer service doesn’t end after construction! We provide a 1-year warranty on all workmanship, trees, and plant material. If you experience any deficiencies, let us know! Additional product care and maintenance information is always available.

Consistantly Delivering
Landscape Excellence

Calgary Landscaping is one of the most trustworthy and professional landscaping companies in Calgary.

Our years of experience have qualified us as the #1 choice for home owners who are looking for a sensational landscaping solution.

" Wow! What an amazing job you and your entire team have done for us. We are thrilled with your service, attention to detail and the look as well as functionality "


When should I book my first meeting?

We would like to meet with you as soon as possible. The Calgary Landscaping season runs from mid-April to November and project space can get booked quickly. It takes time to plan and design a quality landscape, so the sooner we start the better.

Who will I be meeting with?

You will meet with one of the the two owners who will welcome you and ensure that you are given expert advice to start your project off right. They will be your main contact throughout the project planning and design phase. They will also be present on your project site during construction to ensure everything goes smoothly.

What will I need for the meeting?

 If you have notes, sketches or photos, we would like to see your ideas. It’s a collaborative effort and we want to align our vision with yours. A copy of your Real Property Report (RPR) also helps, as it shows utility right of ways, overland drainage set backs and measurements for your property.

How long does the meeting take?

In general, a welcome meeting will take 45 – 60 minutes depending of the complexity of the project and the size of your property. If more time is required we will ensure a second project meeting is scheduled. If you feel we need more time, let us know and we will schedule additional time for you.

Why should we choose you to complete our project?

We are the top choice when people search for a professional landscaping company in Calgary. People are searching for a reputable & friendly landscaping company that delivers quality craftsmanship at an affordable cost.
How do we know this? Our clients refer us time and time again!