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Natural Smimming Pools - INSTALLATION

Installing a natural swimming pool is an invigorating endeavor that combines the refreshing allure of a traditional swimming pool with the ecological harmony of a naturally balanced aquatic ecosystem.


The process begins with careful planning and site selection. Assessing the landscape, considering sunlight exposure, and ensuring proper water circulation are crucial steps. Natural swimming ponds typically integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment, providing a harmonious blend of water and flora.

Pond with two Adirondack chairs and orange sunset.

Excavation marks the commencement of the physical transformation, shaping the pond’s form and creating designated areas for swimming and plant zones. The pond is constructed with a combination of rubber or PVC liners and gravel to maintain structural integrity while fostering a substrate for beneficial bacteria and aquatic plants. This combination creates a balanced ecosystem where plants contribute to water filtration, keeping the pond clear and naturally purified.


One of the defining features of natural swimming pool installation is the absence of traditional chemical treatments. Instead, these pools rely on the symbiotic relationship between plants and microorganisms to maintain water quality. A variety of aquatic plants, such as water lilies and submerged vegetation, play a crucial role in oxygenation and nutrient absorption, ensuring a healthy and sustainable aquatic environment. This method not only reduces the environmental impact but also provides swimmers with a chemical-free, skin-friendly experience.

Natural Swimming Pool with misty waterfall and gray composite deck with red Adirondack chairs
Natural Swimming Pool with a small waterfall, surrounded by trees
Natural Swimming Pools and Regeneration area with a composite deck next to Limestone gravel and a Lexington Tile paver stone patio.

The landscaping around the natural swimming pond is another key aspect of the installation process. Native plants are incorporated to enhance the pools aesthetic appeal and encourage biodiversity. Incorporating rocks, pebbles, and natural materials further enhances the pond’s visual integration into the surrounding landscape. A well-designed natural swimming pool becomes a focal point for your property, inviting people to relax in a serene environment that seamlessly blends with nature.


Once the installation is complete, the natural swimming pool requires minimal maintenance compared to a conventional pool. Routine checks on water quality, occasional removal of debris, and seasonal plant maintenance contribute to the longevity and sustainability of the ecosystem. Overall, the installation of a natural swimming pool not only transforms outdoor spaces into tranquil retreats but also champions a sustainable approach to water recreation.


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The length of time it takes to create Natural Swimming Pools depend on the size and complexity, the materials selected, and how intricate the design is. Natural Swimming Pools can be installed by Calgary Landscaping in 2-3 weeks. However, the installation process could take longer if your Natural Pool is extensive or has a complicated layout. Timeframes for your Natural Swimming Pool construction will be fully clarified before the project begins.

The cost of installation will be similar to the cost of a traditional pool. There are many factors that will determine cost variances. A complete estimate will be generated for you during the design process.

Natural Swimming Pools are an in-depth project that requires several client meetings and many hours of initial design time. The cost for your initial consultation is complimentary if you are located close to the Calgary area. Travel costs would apply if you are more than 100km away from Calgary or your are located outside of Alberta.

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