Paver Stone Patios have changed

Enjoy a weed free, Ant free paver stone patio that outlasts cement.
Amazing New Paver Patio Stone Colours and Styles.


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OUR Installation

Our new installation methods eliminate erosion, ant problems & weed growth.

Jointing Polymers

Building better patios with self healing jointing polymers that block water.

Engineered Base

As an Industry leader we offer the latest enhancements in patio construction

Colours & Sealers

Create a wet look and bring out the natural colours of your paving stones.



Paver installation

Paver Stone Patio Installation Has Changed.

Calgary has a very different local climate where the weather is constantly changing. Chinooks are a nice part of that change, but it can impact how paver stone patios should be installed. Traditional methods included a layer screeded bedding sand, paver installation and more 5mm sand to fill in the cracks.

With the constant freeze and thaw Chinooks cause, this method had a high failure rate. It was also susceptible to damage by the smallest amount of running water, ants and weed infiltration.

Paver Installation

After seeing old sand based patio failures over a long time we knew there must be a better way to ensure our clients have a paver stone patio that would stand the test of time.

We found it, tested it and now exclusively build our patios that don’t use bedding sand or regular jointing sand. Our base materials are made up of aggregates that eliminate erosion, ant problems and weed growth. 

If you are looking for some extra protection we also offer a robust engineered base.


4x Stronger Than Cement
Crack-Free Surfaces
Better Traction Than Cement


Large Variety of Colours
Choose Your Texture & Shape
Combine Paver Types


Ant & Weed Free
Maintenance Free
Easy To Repair

Imagine A Sunny Day On
Your New Paver Stone Patio

Engineered Base

The Newest Base Preparation Technology.

Aliance has developed polypropylene tiles that are added before paver stones are installed. It distributes point loads by spreading out the area pavers rest on. This limits the chance of shifting on the compacted base aggregates.

The tiles also offer a thermal break between materials that reduce freeze thaw cycles your patio will have to endure in our Calgary climate. We have found the best performance is achieved in combination with our aggregate base preparation.

If you existing concrete is cracked but still in relatively good condition the tiles can be used to install pavers over your existing concrete.

Building with Us

Top quality patios

Sand Free base preparation
Free Upgrade to G2 Jointing Polymers
Aluminum Edge Restraints

Trusted & Certified

Provincial Licence & Bonding
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Jointing Polymers

Jointing Polymers Have Changed.

Technology for paving stone joint material has also made a huge impact in the longevity and installation of our paver stones and paver slabs. New calibrated jointing sand with polymer binders outperform traditional sand or polymeric sands used in the past.

This has made paver stones a superior choice for pathways and patios in Calgary. The jointing material glues the pavers together and blocks water from entering the base layers. When a Chinook arrives your pavers stay dry, avoiding the freeze and thaw process that created uneven surfaces of old sand based patios.

Unlike stamped concrete, our high quality installation methods will leave you with all of the benefits of a clean crack free surface, without the worry of ants or weeds.

Excavation, on site sub-surface evaluation and base preparation are all part of the installation. Correct slope, material selection and premium G2 bonding sand are used to ensure your Calgary paver stone patio is built to last.

Take a look at the new Techo Bloc or Barkman Paver Catalogue.

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Enhance the look of your new Paver Stone Patio

High grade sealers and colour enhancers are available for your pavers. The sealer penetrates into the paver pores. This reduces the chance of oil and dirt penetration, keeping your pavers looking new year after year.

 The acrylic coating further protects your pavers from deicing salt that can corrode the stone over time. Colour enhancers are available in zero, low & high gloss finishes that bring out the natural colours of your paver stones. 

It is best to test your finish on an extra paver before coating your entire patio. This will allow you to see the colour and slip resistance the finish will have.

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