Planting A Raised Garden Box In Calgary

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Grow Your Own food and pamper your plants in raised cedar garden frames.

Raised Beds

Raised beds offer organized beauty and the comfort of a custom height or a snug edge to sit while you plant. No more kneeling on hard ground, gravel or muck. 


No more weeding out invasive lawn grass or losing nutrients to competitive root systems. Your soil will not erode, leach or get stepped on and your mulch will hold its form. 


You will enjoy the coordinated uniformity of your custom beds and appreciate the bounty it provides.


Full Cedar Vegetable garden raised planter boxes with lettuce and swiss chard

Cedar Garden Box Construction

Besides its aroma and artsy swirls of color, building with Cedar is highly beneficial. Cedar is lightweight, it repels bugs and is resistant to premature rotting. 


Cedar grows in damp climates making it the wood of choice for conditions that require weather resistance. 


Cedar will not contract or warp in comparison to comparable lumbers, and it can be left natural or untreated. A simple sealant will enhance its gorgeous color and strength.


Custom Cold Frames

We will custom build your garden cold frames to suit your preferences or yard specifications. 


Enjoy a productive and bountiful vegetable garden, a tea terrace, an herb oasis or a fragrant floral escape in just a few square feet. The options are limitless and the organic savings abundant!


Cedar Vegtable Garden
Vegtable Garden

Kids First Farm!

Involving your children in their very own garden is so much fun.
Gardens connect children with nature, the environment and of course FOOD! 


Simple activities such as seeding and watering engage the senses and teach valuable skills.

Use your imagination, add color and watch the garden grow.

Digging in the dirt is always a great way to spend an afternoon.


Drip Irrigation

Plants grow better when they are watered uniformly at optimal times of day. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the base of your plants. This minimizes evaporation and promotes responsible watering practices.


Installing Irrigation maximizes your vegetable’s growing conditions. With wi-fi controller you can monitor your watering schedule right from your smart phone. 


Irrigation Drip Lines
Grey Cedar raised garden box fully planted with vegetables

Consider Your Space

The 2×8 cedar cold frame fits neatly beside the house, garage or shed. Row up as many as desired and get growing!


Please contact us if you have any questions or design ideas.


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