What size of tree should I select?

  • Deciduous trees are purchased by pot size or caliper size (measured 15cm up from the base.) 
  • Evergreen trees are purchased by height and are measured from the ground up. 
Calgary Landscaping Tree Infographic

Best cost to height ratio: – #15 pot size – Excellent value with a reasonable tree height.

Most Popular Choice:  –  50mm Caliper – Mid range cost & size (A common size for new community trees)

Instant Privacy – 60mm+ Caliper – A higher installation/material cost and more difficult to move/establish.

How much do trees weigh?

The chart above shows the weights or various size trees with the root ball & soil. Below the weight is the required tool or machine that is needed to properly move and install the tree. Access to the area where the tree is going to be planted will effect the size of tree that can be planted. 

TIP: A smaller size tree will have an easier time establishing a new root system. After 3-5 years a smaller tree can be the same size as a tree that was planted one size larger, that has struggled in a new environment. 

Popular EVERGREEN Trees

(Click to enlarge)

POPULAR DEciduous Trees

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What do trees cost?

There are several parts that make up the cost of planting a tree at your property. 

  • Initial tree cost at the nursery 
  • Trucking and Access. (Larger orders or good access can lower the cost per tree.)
  • Installation and warranty (The larger the tree the more cost and time.)
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