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Planting with Us

We supply / Install trees and plantings from local nurseries to ensure it is grown for our Calgary climate.
Over 2300 Nursery Stock Items available: Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Grasses & Perennials.
All of our trees and Shrubs come with a 1 Year warranty (standard) or optional 2 year warranty.


Shrubs Flowering


Plants and Flowers


Planting Features


Retains soil moisture
Reduces erosion
Adds to your property value


Adds colour & dimention
Softens the look of hardscapes
Creates relaxing atmosphere

All trees & plantings come with a 1 Year Warranty or more.

Selecting Trees

Note: Tree heights are approximate and may vary due to growing conditions or nursery availability. Deciduous trees are purchased by the pot size or caliper size. Caliper size is measured 15cm up from the base of the tree. Evergreen trees are purchased by height and are measured from the ground up.

Calgary Landscaping Tree Infographic

Watering deeply and slowly twice a week creates a strong root system vs daily watering. A strong root system will encourage growth and protect the tree during drought conditions

Trees And Plantings - Questions

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